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Office Management Group

Consequent to the administrative reforms of 1973, various occupational groups were created to function within the overall framework of the Civil Services. These occupational groups replaced the different services existing at that time. The Office Management Group (OMG) was one such group that replaced the erstwhile Central Secretariat Service.

The officers of the OMG function in the Federal Secretariat at the level of Section Officers (BPS-17 & 18) and are also posted on deputation or under Section 10 of Civil Servant Act, 1973 to provincial governments, attached/subordinate departments, authorities/corporations, District Governments etc. upto the level of BPS-18. The cadre of OMG in BPS-19 is elevated/merged into the Secretariat Group (SG), a specialized group consisting of officers of all occupational groups according to an allocated share. They are then posted at senior levels in the federal and provincial secretariats and elsewhere in any government organization/body as part of All Pakistan Unified Grades (APUG).

The OMG/SG today is a more dynamic and broad-based cadre than its predecessor (Central Secretariat Service). A specialized pre-service training programme equips the new entrants with the necessary administrative skills, and mandatory refresher courses/capacity building techniques are useful to have the officers retain the cutting edge of modern management. This helps them in realizing their full potential and chalking out a successful career growth strategy. Besides, an exposure of not only the Federal Secretariat, the apex decision making body, but of various other field departments and organizations including Pakistani missions abroad imparts them with the necessary breadth of vision and experience to serve their country more better in a senior position. Throughout the past years, young and energetic officers from various academic and professional backgrounds have filled the posts in the cadre.