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Police Service of Pakistan

The Police Service of Pakistan (PSP) is comprised of police officers selected through the Federal Public Service Commission Entry is at the level of Assistant Superintendent
of Police.
Under the old Police Act, the Police had many responsibilities. But with the enforcement of Police Order 2002, it has been given a leadership role alongwith lot more responsibilities and accountabilities. Every new posting is a challenge it is a never ending war against crime, social evils and every day problems of the people residing in a particular area. The local representatives, i-e. Town Nazims, U C Nazims and Councilors at the grassroot level, are the eyes and ears of the Police. They give the information and guidance to serve the people in a better way. Their assistance and coordination are essentially important for the success of an area Police.

With the separation of Investigation and Prosecution, alongwith accountability through the local representatives, the Police is heading towards specialization and professionalism. It has time and energy to do its assigned task, be a part of the community and respond to the needs of the people. The Annual Policing Plan which sets the targets is required to be approved by the local representatives. Responsibility and accountability are, therefore, integrated in this check and balance system. It also signifies that the era of rulers and the ruled as over.

The Local Government system, alongwith Police Order 2002, has given the Police pride and respect. Instead of an instrument of the State power, the Police is now merged with the community to bring peace and prosperity to the nation as a whole. And the local population has responded very positively to this system. Their cooperation with the Police is encouraging. Their assistance in the construction of Police stations, hospitals, clinics, schools, industrial homes etc for the welfare of the Police and the public, and the initiative to establish Medical Camps through voluntary donations of medicines, food items and medical services in disease and flood-affected areas under the umbrella of the Police, are manifestations of some of the local population s support and assistance PSP is a complete way of life dedicated to the people.