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Railways Group

Pakistan Railways forms the life line of the country catering to all its needs for the large scale movement of freight as well as passenger traffic thereby contributing to economic growth and national integration.

Pakistan Railways is a multi-cadre/multi branch organization and can be dubbed as a mini-govt. For running a huge organization like that of Railways, various branches are serving to run the business smoothly. The Railways Commercial & Transportation (C&T) group plays the most important role as such it is the only cadre in Railways, inducted through CSS and is a part of Civil Services Academy Alumni C&T group is also called as operating and management department as it is solely responsible for the promotion of commercial business (freight & passenger) and for overall safety concerning train movement and operations.

Before 1971 Railways was a provincial subject as East and West Pakistan were under one unit system, and prior to 1973, this service was called the Pakistan Railway Service (PRS). Its officers were inducted through competitive examination. The probationary officers were trained at PR Walton Training School, Lahore directly. After 1973, like all other occupational groups, Railways C&T officers inducted through CSS, started its journey along with other occupational groups as commoners. The first Railways commoner was Mr Nasir Zaidi, whereas in 30th CTP almost 15 probationers started their career as probationary officers at CSA Lahore. Railway administration runs the department at three levels i.e. Ministerial level, Headquarter level and at Divisional levels (six divisions). Important policy and strategic matters are sought after at First level, whereas, operational and administrative policies are formulated at Headquarter level by GM Railways and COPS (Chief Operating Superintendent), and train operations and commercial affairs at divisions are carried out at divisional offices under the co-ordination of DS (Divisional Superintendent).

Despite various shortcomings and problems, officers of C&T group are striving for bringing the best in Railways and ultimately in Pakistan and are proud to be a part of Railways family of commoners.