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Accounts Group Commerce & Trade Group
Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service operates under the constitution 1973, article 144 to 176, and is presently being run through Presidential Order....... (more) Consequent upon the introduction of Administrative Reforms of 1973 aiming to create Civil Services of specialized nature and responsibility....... (more)
Customs & Excise Group District Management Group
The Customs Group consists of three different categories of duties and taxes, namely, (1) Customs Duty, (2) Central Excise Duty, and (3) Sales Tax. (more) Having its roots in the former Civil Service of Pakistan (CSP), the District Management Group (DMG) despite the recent historic restructuring of power and....... (more)
Foreign Service of Pakistan Income Tax Group
Foreign Service of Pakistan was constituted on an ad hoc basis immediately on the birth of Pakistan. The Service was first given an executive fiat....... (more) Income Tax Department is the wing of the Revenue Division (CBR) dealing with the collection of direct taxes, i.e. Income Tax and Wealth Tax. (more)
Information Group Military Lands & Cantonment Group

Like other Occupational Groups of the Central Superior Services (CSS), the Information Group plays a vital role in national image building (more)

The Military Lands & Cantonment Department is headed by the Director General, Military Lands & Cantonments. He is followed in hierarchy by...... (more)

Office Management Group Police Service of Pakistan
Consequent to the administrative reforms of 1973, various occupational groups were created to function within the overall framework of the Civil Services. (more) The Police Service of Pakistan (PSP) is comprised of police officers selected through the Federal Public Service Commission Entry is at the level of ASP....... (more)
Postal Group Railways Group
The Postal Group mainly comprises the Pakistan Post Office which is one of the oldest departments of the Sub-Continent working under....... (more) Pakistan Railways forms the life line of the country catering to all its needs for the large scale movement of freight as well as passenger traffic thereby....... (more)
Secretariat Group Ex-Cadre Officers
The cadre of OMG in BPS-19 is elevated/merged into the Secretariat Group (SG), a specialized group consisting of officers of all occupational ....... (more) Ex-cadre officers are part of the Civil Service of Pakistan and are posted at various posts. Ex-cadre officers are usually posted at technical posts....... (more)